Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oil on canvas, 11" x 14", 2008

Did this yesterday, during last hours of the heat wave. It was hazy.


  1. I feel lame making comparisons, but this one has an Albert York tonality.
    Not a York composition, of course.
    Has the heat wave broken?

  2. Hey, I'll accept an Albert York comparison.

    Yes, heat wave broken. A friend who's in St. Paul says it's actually cold there??? She's from Texas, so . ..

  3. all a matter of perspective.
    60s at night, up to 80 days.

    hey, anyone else want to give a weather report?

    when I was a child, the raking light of late afternoon/evening used to positively depress me. I guess b/c it meant bedtime was soon. Now I love it because it's so substantial for painting, even though I don't paint recognizable things anymore.

    do you pefer any particular time/weather to paint?

  4. Yes, I'd have to go with late afternoon/evening too. But I suspect early morning is amazing too. No firsthand knowledge of that, though. Have only read about it in books. Ahem.

    Oh, wait. You seem to be up very early. Maybe you know.

  5. really interesting to see your work. Will revisit here now.


  6. Thanks, A.P,

    Misty, foggy, hazy light pretty good too.