Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oil on canvas, 14" x 18", 2008


  1. I like your paintings. Nice choice of color. Very akin to Cezanne.

  2. the geometry and the fairfield porter-esque or Louis Dodd-esque reduction of values to two or three in each object or area makes me think, or re-think, about how nature stands as a kind of scaffolding upon which to hang pictorial construction and invention, but which paintings, good paintings, very quickly surpass.
    Not in the sense that good paintings are better than nature, but in the sense that they are not enslaved to it, but rather do and be their own thing with, I guess the authority of nature.

    In other words, I think there is a strange relationship between referent and picture that is more complex than we normally understand.

  3. Huh. Looking back at these old comments. I see I never responded to the Lois Dodd connection. Really love her work. Though I don't think I was specifically thinking about her here.